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Zo? is a email client

License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
File size: 2032K
Developer: Zoe
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Zo? is a email client. It's also a email server. And a long term archive. And a search engine. And an application server. All that at once on your desktop. Or server. Or both. Or it doesn't matter because client and server are the same.

An email client. Well, it does read your email. Displays them. Creates some new one. So I guess it qualifies as an email client. But it also a web server a la Hotmail. Meaning that not only the interface happened to be html, but you can access it from anywhere. It's an application server. Your very own Hotmail. On your desk. Catering specially to your

An email server. Well yes, it's technically also an email server (implementing POP for now). Just like your favorite ISP, Zo? can be your mail server. Just connect to it as you do with Earthlink. Your very own email server. And it turn out to be a very handy way for exporting your precious messages. Think about it.

Want to migrate your data somewhere else? Another system? Another Zo?? A backup service? Just connect to Zo? "the email server", and suck any data you want from it. Through a standard protocol. No obscure data structure to deal with. Arcane directories. Mysteriously disappearing mail boxes (Do you know where MS Exchange stores your data? How to get them out? Should you

It's also an "email server" because you can send email directly to it (through SMTP). That's what every email client in the known universe use for sending email. So what? Well, first of all, it's a handy way for importing messages to the system. Just email your mail box to Zo?.

No incompatible mail box format. Complicated import procedure. Just email it. It also allow Zo? to stay in the "message loop" and potentially act as a "proxy" SMTP server. What the heck is that? Well, Zo? does not have to replace your current email client program. Instead, it can encompass it.

When sending an email from your favorite Outlook, just setup Zo? as your SMTP host. So each time you send a message, it will first go to Zo?. Zo? will do its things. And relay your message to its final destination. Et voila. Full circle.

It allows you to keep your messages. Over time. For a long period of time. As long as there is some disk space somewhere. It's your personal archive. Always accessible. Always up. Always ready to migrate somewhere else if you choose to (see the email server part). It's your messages after all.

Now you can sleep soundly without having to worry about how you will keep -over years, over jobs, over relocations- those hard won messages. They will go where ever you want them to go. However, by now, it's more than just a big pile of random texts (aka emails). It has been fully indexed to the last significant bit.

Information have been extracted. Relationships have been made. Links have been discovered. Information was put in context. Normalized. A knowledge base has been build. For you. Automatically. Accessible at a key stroke.

When you need it. Without you moving any single one of your busy fingers to write some arcane filtering rules to some soon to be unmanageable folder structure (see "Intertwingularity") in some cumbersome proprietary email system. No. Instead you get universal accessibility to your very own knowledge base. Automatically. Just for you.

Here are some key features of "Zoe Intertwingle":
Tags. Use any email headers to "tag" your messages.
Built-in HTTPS support.
Built-in POP3 server STARTTLS support.
Built-in SMTP server STARTTLS support.

What's New in This Release:

New MS Word text decoder.
New PDF text decoder.
New RTF text decoder.

The new text decoders are available as a separate download.

The PDF text decoder is powered by PDFBox.
The MS Word text decoder is powered by Jakarta POI and TextMining.

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