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ZoneMaker is a script for making BIND zone files

License: MIT/X Consortium License
File size: 5K
Developer: James French
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ZoneMaker is a script for making BIND zone files. ZoneMaker uses files similar to ini files to simplify updating several zone files simultaneously.

The script is fully capable of producing both normal and reverse zones as well as being able to produce HINFO, TXT and LOC records.

Currently there is no IPv6 support, although it is planned for a future release. Some knowledge about how zone files work is required to use this script effectively.

Here are some key features of "ZoneMaker":
Supports both normal and reverse zones
Supports a special 'global' zone for using BIND9 views
Supports a wide range of Record types


After untarring the archive, you'll want to first edit This file defines where the other files will be located. If you plan on running the script out of the tarball directory you should only need to modify OutputLocation.

Otherwise, change the options to suit.
The next step is to modify zones.conf and hosts.conf to suit your own needs a full list of options for each file can be found below

The format for hosts.conf and zones.conf is as follows

option1: value
option2: value
option3: value

In the above example, 'section' would be the zone or host name. Options are not case sensitive, their values, however, are.

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