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+CMS is a web content management system

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+CMS is a web content management system. +CMS's main goal is to enable easy modification of HTML site content without the vast knowledge of HTML technology.

+CMS is also an application that can power large intranets or extranets. Every company that sees its Web Initiative as one of the competitive advantages may leverage +CMS features to fasten content delivery and authoring.

In the competitive content management market +CMS Content Management System stands out. With our easy to use and framework and flexible integration capabilities, +CMS is fast to deploy. Our intuitive interface makes it easy to empower non-technical contributors to create and manage Web content—without expensive, lengthy training.

+CMS’s functionality and flexible architecture dramatically shorten the time to market, allowing you to implement and deploy websites much faster. It’s sophisticated feature set and affordable pricing are an unbeatable in the market. With lower-priced vendors, you can forget about customization and scalability and with more expensive solutions, you can expect to incur hefty consulting fees, and prolonged deployment cycles. No other content management solution offers such an exceptional blend of rapid deployment, ease of use, customization and scalability.

Here are some key features of "plusCMS":
Integrated authoring environment
The +CMS provides a seamless and powerful environment for content creators. This ensures that authors have easy access to the full range of features provided by the CMS.

Separation of content and presentation
Content may be published to multiple formats with a strict separation of content and presentation. Authoring is HTML or style-based, with all formatting applied during publishing.

Multi-user authoring
The +CMS may be used by many users at the same time. Features such as record locking ensure that clashing changes are prevented.

Metadata creation
Metadata management (creator, subject, keywords, etc) is critical when managing a large content repository.

Non-technical authoring
Authors use WYSIWYG HTML Editors when creating pages. No need of HTML knowladge.

Ease of use & efficiency
+CMS is very easy to use. Intuitive interface lets you create new content right within the Web page. Content may be edited with web-browser with no need to find it in console-like interface.

Version control & archiving
+CMS provided strict version control for backup and disaster recovery. A simple but powerful interface shows what was changed, when and who made the change.

Decentralized content creation relies heavily on a powerful workflow model, +CMS provides easy to configure workflow configuration utility.

Final appearance of your page is controlled through the use of stylesheets. This provides flexibility and expandability.

Page templates
Overall page layout is specified via page templates.

System may be extended by third party plug-ins. Full documentation is provided.

Support for multiple formats
+CMS may publish to formats, such as: HTML (web) and PDF.

Cross browser support
Pages delivered by +CMS are viewable in all major web browsers (Internet Explorer, Netscape, Opera, etc). +CMS internal interface works in Internet Explorer and Gecko powered browsers.

+CMS delivers pages in fraction of a second due to heavy use of content and SQL query caching.

Valid HTML
System delivers internal HTML validation via tidy module.

Effective navigation
Navigation inside +CMS system is its main power. There is no other system with such clear interface, easy to use.

At least 200 MB of free disk space,
Apache Web Server version > 2.0.0 (.htaccess must be enabled),
PHP version > 4.3.10,
MySQL version > 4.0 or version > 4.1 if you intend to utilize UTF-8 encoding,
PHPA Loader and PHPA for performance improvements.

What's New in This Release:
Some bugfixes and new features were added.

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