Jahia CMS and Portal Server 5.0 review

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License: Free To Use But Restricted
File size: 95286K
Developer: Stephane Croisier
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Jahia CMS and Portal Server is an integrated content management and corporate portal server; 100% Java based; Available under a collaborative source license (contribute or pay paradigm); Installed in minutes; Easy to use and to administer; Full Multilanguage and I18N support; Staging environement (Draft & Preview mode); Content Workflow; Content Versioning; Document Management (WebDAV Support); Built-in Portlet-based interface; Built-in support for standardized java web applications and web services (default servlets supported as portlets); Full web-based administration; Integrated with the Apache Lucene Search Engine; LDAP support; JSP and JSTL support for easy templates development; Integrated HTML reverse cache proxy; Load balancing support; dynamic XML export module and much more...

Here are some key features of "Jahia CMS and Portal Server":
Jahia Foundation

100% vendor neutral java-based
Full source code included
Configured for Log4j and Ant
Content Object and CMS Lib
Internationalization (UTF-8)
Authentification and Rights Mngmt Lib
Caching Systems Libraries
Portlets API
Dreamweaver plug-in

Authoring and Managing

100% Web-based interface
Easy update interface
Many content types
Content reuse
Staging (draft mode / preview mode)
Automatic or manual sort property
Fields lock-in/lock-out
Dynamic XML export
Versioning capabilities
Multilanguage support
Document management
Easy permission management
Filter, sort, split and search options
Rights on templates
JTidy integration


3-tiers workflow
Per language validation
Automatic content lock-in in validate mode
Possibility to comment stages


On the fly page aggregation and assembly
Consistent look-&-feel
Default set of templates
Dynamic sitemap control
Integrated search engine
Multiple output renderers


Personalized home page (? la MyYahoo)
Pre-packaged with a dozen of webapps
Easy Layout Management
Mixing portlets and content
Support for standardized Java web apps
Support for the Struts MVC framework
MySettings Module
Role Management
WebRaptor Pro (WebHarvester)

Admin Center

Easy Installation and Configuration Wizard
100% Web-based Admin Center
Virtual Site Management
Hot template deployement and swapping
Hot deployement of web apps/portlets
Online Server Settings Management
Stats and monitoring tool
Auditing and logging
Emails alarm notifications
Jahia documentation

Enterprise Features

LDAP support
Full GUI customization
GUI support for large number of users
Load balancing feature
Commercial app servers and databases support
Advanced workflow engine

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