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4Sports is an exercise management software

License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
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Developer: Olaf Schubert
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4Sports is an exercise management software. You can use it to analyse your exercises in a number of ways. Currently 4Sports is able to import data from the Garmin "Forerunner 201/301"-devices and display some basic information in a table.

It's also possible to export the tracks into Google Earth (the track is color-coded according to your heart-rate). New:Now it's possible to display information in graphs (like heart rate over distance). It's also possible to export these plots to a SVG-file.

Ruby (I use version 1.8, but it should work with other versions as well)
Qt bindings for Ruby (included in most distributions, in my Kubuntu the package is called "libqt0-ruby1.8")
Mysql bindings for Ruby ("libmysql-ruby1.8" in Kubuntu)
FRX01-Toolkit (for setup-instructions see http://fr201toolkit.sourceforge.net/
libsvg-ruby (for plots)

What's New in This Release:
The program now generates and displays graphs.
The ability to export graphs as SVG files was added.
Some bugfixes were made.

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