A-foto 1.5 Beta5 review

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A-foto is a theme (applet) for Superkaramba

License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
File size: 262K
Developer: trebol-a
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A-foto is a theme (applet) for Superkaramba. A-foto show pictures on your desktop with different frame decorations and has the ability to change picture at present intervals.

Known Issues in this version:
- There is NO "add to line" mode. The organization of presented images is now accomplished through management of contents of the chosen folder. One suggested way of organizing custom slide shows is to create an empty folder and drag LINKS to preferred photos into that folder. Drop that folder onto a-foto. Presently, this appears to be the easiest way to achieve manageability of slide show content. Your alternative suggestions are welcome.
- Starting a second instance of A-foto from SuperKaramba interface may fail. Double-click on afoto.skz file to start additional applets.
- A-foto settings have "historical priority." Settings for 1st afoto applet ever will always be the 1st in line to be used when you open afoto. To get to the settings of the 3rd afoto instance, you need to open 3 afoto applets. We are working on a solution. Any comments and suggestions are welcome


What's New in This Release:
Changed contextual menu
new splashscren (more explicit :D )
Tooltip over image
Fixed error at dont find a picture

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