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The purpose of the A.M.I.C.U.S

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The purpose of the A.M.I.C.U.S. project is to help users quickly and easily install and configure MythTV on generic PC hardware.

A.M.I.C.U.S. is an installation and configuration script based on publicly available information in MythTV on Debian guides (see references and links section). This document borrows heavily from those guides and will continue to use them during script development.

A.M.I.C.U.S. uses previously developed products such as the Debian Netinst CD to install GNU/Linux and just the required packages for MythTV. A primary goal of the project is to install a minimal but functional MythTV on low end hardware while leveraging the benefits of the excellent stability and quality of the Debian GNU/Linux operating system. Debian GNU/Linux retains its full capability as a premier general purpose operating system and is not limited by running MythTV.

The A.M.I.C.U.S. project is independent of Debian which should allow the installed MythTV system to benefits of continuing Debian development. One of the many advantages of using Debian GNU/Linux as an underlying operating system for a MythTV system is it can be updated easily to incorporate security fixes and system improvements with a simple "apt-get update && apt-get upgrade" from the root prompt.

Currently, the project has released version 0.01 is in early development. At the present time, using the instructions on this web page, an A.M.I.C.U.S. user can install Debian Netinst, download, install, and configure MythTV with related packages. A.M.I.C.U.S. includes limited MythTV related hardware configuration such as BT8x8 and ivtv tuner cards, LIRC, and NVidia video cards.

What's New in This Release:
various changes to resync with latest Debian Testing

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