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my_MythMusic is a web interface to managing your playlists in MythTV

License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
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Developer: IAmNos
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my_MythMusic is a web interface to managing your playlists in MythTV. my_MythMusic project allows you to relatively simply, create, edit and delete playlists in your MythTV setup.

Its lightweight and requires very little space or CPU power to operate. It does not need to reside on the same server as your MythBackend, it just needs to point to your MySQL database.



Uncompress the my_mythmusic-0.1.tgz file into a web accessible directory.
Edit config.php and place the appropriate vaules for:


You will need to have the PEAR packages MDB2 and MDB2-mysql. See for instructions on installing these packages

That should be it.

This has only been tested on MythTV versions 0.20x. It may work on older versions, but I don't have a sample setup to test with. It really just depends on the database tables for the music files.

What's New in This Release:
A few new features have been added, but the major change is the new look and feel for the interface. Its now based on AJAX.

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