abcm2ps 5.2.1 review

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License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
File size: 212K
Developer: Jean-Fran?ois Moine
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abcm2ps is a package that converts music tunes from ABC format to PostScript.

Based on abc2ps version 1.2.5, it was developed mainly to print baroque organ scores that have independant voices played on one or more keyboards, and a pedal-board.

It introduces many extensions to the ABC language that make it suitable for classical music.

What's New in 4.12.27 Stable Release:
When a multicol sequence crosses a page, a new page is started.
The behavior of the command parameter "-0" / "+0" was fixed.

What's New in 5.2.1 Development Release:
This release adds a new %%tablature command and a '-i' command line option.
Some cases of "$n" in lyrics under the staff are handled.
A bug affecting '$0" in strings was fixed.

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