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acarsdclient is an X client for the acarsd server

License: Free for non-commercial use
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Developer: KjM
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acarsdclient is an X client for the acarsd server. acarsdclient can simultaneously connect with up to 20 acarsd servers.

You'll see live ACARS data from all over the world, and for every contact you'll see a thumbnail (if available on the server).

You can see the aircrafts on a map, and you can create your own map if you want.

Install acarsd:

After downloading, unzip or untar the archive. Linux users should use tar -xzf archivename
Now should have the following files in the current folder:

acarsd.cpr installer quickinstall acarsd acarsdb (and some .TXT files)

You can now select between a fast installation or a user defined installation.
Fast installation use default settings for your system. Under Linux in /opt/acarsd/
You can later change all settings with the setup/config utility
To start the fast install start ./quickinstall

libpthread and Tcl8.4, Tk 8.4 and libjpeg installed on LINUX
PC with LINUX Operating System (X Display) or Microsoft Windows (except Windows CE)
Working Internet Connection. Allow connections from your host to outside port 2202 in your Firewall!
Connection to one (or more) acarsd Servers

acarsdclient was tested under:

Linux Kernels 2.4.18 / 2.4.19 / 2.4.20 / 2.4.26, TCL 8.4.1, TK 8.4.1
Linux PPC, TCL 8.0, TK 8.0

What's New in This Release:
Fast acarsd.db indexing with low memory usage was implemented for web and acarsd server.
Flight resolution from was added.
Resolution from Air Berlin was moved into acarsd.
A high speed translation table was added.
A new XML creator and parser is included.
An automatic fleet list upload was added.
Older records are automatically deleted.
The Nick Birell Aircraft list and translation.csv are automatically downloaded and installed once a week.
Up to 4 soundcards and 8 airband scanners are supported.
The WACARS style message extension file "MESSAGE.WDF" is supported.

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