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ACDK is a development framework with a similar target of Microsoft's .NET or Sun's ONE platform, but instead of using Basic/C# or Jav

License: LGPL (GNU Lesser General Public License)
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Developer: Roger Rene Kommer
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ACDK is a development framework with a similar target of Microsoft's .NET or Sun's ONE platform, but instead of using Basic/C# or Java as programming language, it bases C++ as core implementation language.

ACDK implements the standard library packages, including acdk::lang, acdk::lang::reflect, acdk::util, acdk::io, acdk::text (including regexpr), acdk::net, acdk::sql, acdk::xml and more. Today's technologies like flexible Allocator/Garbage Collection, Threading and Unicode are implemented in the core of ACDK.

With the extensions of ACDK C++ objects are available for reflection, serialization, aspect oriented class attributes and [D]ynamic [M]ethod [I]nvocation. This DMI act as an universal object oriented call interface to connect C++ with scripting languages (Java, Perl, Tcl, Python, CfgScript, Lisp, Visual Basic, VBScript) and standard component technologies (CORBA, COM+).

With acdk::wx a rich platform independ GUI-library is available for C++ and Scripting languages.

Here are some key features of "ACDK":
Java like language constructs in C++
Garbage Collection for Objects
Java like object modell with classes and interfaces
Source code is pure C++
Provided for many major plattforms:
Windows 95 - Windows XP
Java like core library
java.lang -> acdk::lang
java.lang.ref -> acdk::lang::ref
java.lang.reflect -> acdk::lang::reflect -> acdk::io (with limitation)
java.util -> acdk::util
java.util.logging -> acdk::util::logging
java.text -> acdk::text -> acdk::net
java.locale -> acdk::locale (additionally character encodings) -> acdk::security
java.sql -> acdk::sql
org.xml.sax, org.w3c.dom -> org::xml::sax, org::w3c::dom, org::w3c::dom::xpath.
Standard Java Features
Unicode support with several character encodings.
Objects with wait and notify/notifyAll
Synchronization of methods or blocks
Exceptions with Backtrace
Java like arrays from classes and basic atomic types (like int)
Enhancement relative to Java
Object variables as stack variables with better performance
Function attribute oneway
Enhanced Allocator concept and customizable Garbage Collection.
Connectable Information to every language definition part (classes, methods, parameter, and so on) as Attributes.
Runtime Information about:
+ class name, namespace, base classes and public/private
+ Member, static, public/protected/private, Type of member, name of member
+ Constructor with arguments (see methods)
+ Methods, static, public/protected/private, with type of of return value, type and name of argument, throw specifications.
+ Attributes similar to to C# Attributes and Java Annotations.
Load classes and library by name
Dynamic Method Invocation Interface (DMI).
create objects by class name
Read/Write normal and static member variables identified by name
Invoke normal and static methods, identified by name.
Serialization and Persistenz
Serialisation of objects
Save Objects to binary or XML.
serialized_clone (shallow and deep)
Java compatible serialization of Objects (included in acdk_java).
Further library based features
Enhanced IO library byte and char based
All IO-Classes implements Reader/Writer CharReader/CharWriter interfaces
all IO-Classes implements FilterReader/FilterWriter or Storage interface
Free combination and chaining of Readers/Writers
Enhanced File interface
- Interface to different file systems.
+ Normal OS file system
+ Ressource file system embedded in an executable or library
+ ZIP file system for ZIP archives
+ TAR file system for TAR archives
+ FTP file system for remove internet file access
Regular Pattern matching.
Regular Pattern matching
XML Handling
Parsing using SAX(2) Interfaces
Parsing to DOM
Validating XML files
Selecting XML using XPath
Building in memory DOM trees
Serialize/Deserialize ACDK Objects to/from XML
dom4j like extentions for the standard dom modell.
JDBC like Database connectivity
ODBC database on Windows
Configuration - Tests - Debugging
Plattform neutral make files, generating Makefiles for gmake, bsd make, nmake, Microsoft Visual Studio (.dsw/.dsp).
Regression tests through a unit test concept.
Documentation system following JavaDoc convention
Online Reference and HTML-Help.
Integrated Tracing and Logging with log4j like framework.
Online Debugger (Alpha)
view Dump of all ACDK objects in a hierarchical view grouped in static global data and working sets of the threads.
Modify value while system is running.
Trace monitor.
Object Tracer
Garbage Collector Monitor
Object Profiler
Telnet Lisp/CfgScript console to
+ inspect data
+ modify data
+ calling Objects methods
Integration of Scripting
All ACDK object can be invoked with scripting languages without any further stub or interface code using ACDK DMI facility.
with CfgScript (build in Java/JavaScript like interpreter)
with Lisp (build in interpreter)
with Java
with Perl
with Tcl
with Python
with VBScript (Windows only)
with JavaScript (Windows only)
with Visual Basic (Windows only)
Embedding a full featured script interpreter into ACDK:
with CfgScript

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