Jakelib2 2.0.1 review

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Jakelib2 is a cross platform C++ class library with a Java-like API

License: LGPL (GNU Lesser General Public License)
File size: 941K
Developer: Florian Wolff
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Jakelib2 is a cross platform C++ class library with a Java-like API. An automatic garbage collector is used to take care of unused objects.

External libraries like PCRE or GTK+ are beeing integrated to provide the programmer with a homogeneous, easy to use programming environment that covers every day's tasks like string handling, data storage, networking, or GUI programming.

Boehm-Demers-Weiser Conservative Garbage Collector 6.0
GTK+ 1.2.10
PCRE 3.9
MySQL (Obsolete (3.23.x) branch)

What's New in This Release:
ava-Like API
Cross platform library: Linux, Unix, Win32, Mac OS X
Namespaces are used to substitute Java's package system, e.g.: jakelib::lang::String. Thus there is no need for an ugly prefix like the old jakelib had ('Z').
A garbage collector is used to allow lazy object creation via new without having to worry about deleteing the objects after use.
Integration of pcre lib for Perl-compatible regular expressions with JDK 1.4-like interface. (API doc)
Upcoming integration of GTK with an API simlilar to Java's AWT. (API doc)
Unicode support: All strings are handled as unicode character sequences. Converter classes for ISO-8858-x and UTF-8.
Simple runtime type identification system for all objects derived from jakelib::lang::Object.
Simple preprocessor for easy string handling.

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