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AcidRip is a Gtk2::Perl application for ripping and encoding DVD's

License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
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Developer: AcidRip Team
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AcidRip is a Gtk2::Perl application for ripping and encoding DVD's. It neatly wraps MPlayer and MEncoder, which I think is pretty handy, seeing as MPlayer is by far the best bit of video playing kit around for Linux.

As well as creating a simple Graphical Interface for those scared of getting down and dirty with MEncoders command line interface, It also automates the process in a number of ways:

Parses DVD into contents tree
Finds longest title
Calculate video bitrate for given filesize
Finds black bands and crops them
Gives suggestions for improved performance
Other stuff!

Acidrip is *NOT* an encoding program. It does not do a single bit of encoding by itself. It can not do anything complicated that MEncoder can not do, e.g. output to VCD format etc... Feature requests are always welcome but please be very sure that is within the "jurisdiction" of my program.

As well as obviously needing MPlayer and MEncoder properly installed with all the things you like for it, AcidRip also requires a little c program I also am writing, called lsdvd which reads and prints the contents of a dvd to your terminal in plain, but very parsable, English. Lsdvd in turn uses libdvdread, the most popular dvd reading library for *nix, which should be available here. It would be nice to be able to use MPlayers libdvdread hack, mpdvdkit, but that's not going to happen as yet...

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