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Acmemail is a multiuser IMAP/POP3 to Web gateway (or webmail program)

License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
File size: 0K
Developer: Wim Kerkhoff
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Acmemail is a multiuser IMAP/POP3 to Web gateway (or webmail program). It reads mail from a mail server and displays it using HTML on a web server. It is written in Perl, has full support for MIME (and mod_perl) and is quite pretty.
This program has support for MIME, is written in Perl and is very pretty.

What's New in This Release:
Fix for mkdir problem BSD/OS 4.2. Patch from A.Lalev
Fixing a nasty CSS vulnerability. Basically it was possible for somebody to run JavaScript code like this: http://yourdomain/cgi-bin/acmemail.cgi?aredir=javascript:alert(document.cookie).
Ths patches forces aredir to be a http:// or https:// link.
Found by Nick Cleaton
Add RFC822 compliant Date header to outgoing messages
Handle the case where there is no Date header, so that the full version of the epoch is not used
Documentation updates, to reflect changes over the last couple of years.
Rewrote the installation of perl modules and c-client section
Switch to the Date::Format and Date::Parse, which apparently come included on modern Linux distributions. Patch from Wayne Davison
Switch from MD5 to Digest::MD5. Patch from Wayne Davison

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