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acrotsr is a small IRC game in which players are given an acronym

License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
File size: 51K
Developer: Zachary P. Landau
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acrotsr is a small IRC game in which players are given an acronym.

The players have a certain amount of time to think of what the acronym should stand for, then the people in the channel vote for the one they like most.

Perl5 or greater


Installing and Setup:

There first thing you will want to do is edit the values at the top of Make sure you at least change the bot's nickname and channel. After that you may want to change some of the delays and suchlike. Note that the voting delay default is 25, but it usually only lasts about 15 seconds. (See BUGS) So take your value, and add 10 or so. Experiment. If you want the bot to stay on a server and run all the time, run it with nohup.
If you want to have html output with the top scores you will have to do a few things. First, make sure $game{'scoreoutput'} is set to 1 (default). Then, load up and edit the values in there. You may want to change what the outputted HTML looks like. Right now, it looks like crap. (See TODO). You'll probably want to put in crontab. I haven't tested it but something like this should work :

45 6 * * * /path/to/

That should run it every day at 6:45. You will probably want to edit The first field contains a persons main nickname. The rest of them are alternative nicknames they use which will be translated to the first name.

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