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Reby stands for: "Ruby-Eggdrop Bridge Yes-this-letter-has-no-meaning-in-the-acronym"

License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
File size: 8K
Developer: Pistos
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Reby stands for: "Ruby-Eggdrop Bridge Yes-this-letter-has-no-meaning-in-the-acronym". Reby allows you to write scripts for eggdrop in Ruby.


To use Reby with your eggdrop:

1. Move the "reby*" files to some appropriate location such as /path/to/your/eggdrop/scripts/reby . At the least, reby.rb and reby.conf should be together.
2. Enable the .tcl command in your eggdrop's conf, if it isn't already. This is usually done by commenting out the following line:

unbind dcc n tcl *dcc:tcl

If you make this change, don't forget to rehash your eggdrop to have the change take effect.

3. Edit the reby.conf file. It is heavily commented and self-explanatory.
4. Run the reby.rb program. You can run it in the background, pipe stdout or stderr wherever you like--whatever you want. By default, it does not run as a daemon, and it writes status and error messages to stdout. It also looks for a configuration file called reby.conf in the same directory. You can pass the path to a specific configuration file as an argument to reby.rb.

And that's it! I hope you enjoy using Reby!

What's New in This Release:
Several minor bugs were fixed.
Many scripts were updated.

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