amaroK XUL Remote 0.9a review

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License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
File size: 40K
Developer: Matthieu Bedouet
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AmaroK XUL Remote is an amaroK script that allows you to control amaroK from any Firefox browser on your network.

Here are some key features of "AmaroK XUL Remote":
basic player manipulation: play, pause, stop, next, previous, seek, volume
playlist view, plays a track when clicking on it
collection browser with filtering, support for compilations
drag and drop tracks, album and artists from the collection to the playlist

python 2.3
pydcop (python DCOP bindings), included in kdebindings
amaroK 1.3
Firefox deer park (tested 1.5 beta1)


- Download the archive, then install and run it with AmaroK script manager
- with firefox, go to http://hostname:8888 , and install the extension
- restart firefox
- launch "AmaroK remote" in the firefox "Tools" menu.
- the extension has 2 options: host and port, that's the same host (hostname) and port (8888) you used to install the extension.

What's New in This Release:
fix bug [ 1585368 ] Wrong file name transmitted 0.9

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