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amarokNowPlayingImproved is a re-write of amarokNowPlaying by Daniel Dormann

License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
File size: 40K
Developer: Ryan Chouinard
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amarokNowPlayingImproved is a re-write of amarokNowPlaying by Daniel Dormann. It generates an image of the currently playing media using ImageMagick's convert and then uploads it to a remote host.

The image includes the album cover, artist, album name, and track title. It also shows if the engine is paused, and creates a cusomizable "offline" message when the engine is stopped.

The script uses cURL in order to upload the image to a remote host, and supports both FTP and HTTP POST methods, as well as a local filesystem option.

To those that rate my script, please leave feedback as to why you like/dislike it. That's the only way I can know where to improve!

Here are some key features of "amarokNowPlayingImproved":
Ability to upload generated image using HTTP POST method, with secure key (see "HTTP Method" below)
FTP upload of generated image file
Can copy generated image to a local path (e.g. ~/public_html/now_playing.png)
Supports playing, paused, and stopped player states
Ability to add a border around generated images
Broke options down a bit more for greater customization


What's New in This Release:
Bugfix: Script no longer makes calls to dcop unless amarok signals a state change.
This fixes a condition of the script consuming resources.

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