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AngelineCMS is an open source Content Management System (CMS) and a complete Web Development Framework (Application server)

License: MPL (Mozilla Public License)
File size: 865K
Developer: AngelineCMS
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AngelineCMS is an open source Content Management System (CMS) and a complete Web Development Framework (Application server). AngelineCMS is written from ground up to take advance of PHP5's OO-features.

AngelineCMS is Open Source software under OSI approved Mozilla Public License. AngelineCMS aims for easy, innovative solutions for daily web publishing problems. Along with the CMS part, we're aiming for as perfect web development framework as possible!

Here are some key features of "AngelineCMS":
Some cool features:

Blogger client with wysiwyg editor
Page editor with wysiwyg editor
Multiuser enviroment
Shareable blogs, files and documents
Modular framework
Multilingual support (Although at the time of writing this we only have English and Finnish support)
Friendly User Interface Guidelines to ensure ease of use
Runs on multiple database servers! MySQL, PostgreSQL and SQLite
Runs on multiple operating systems
Easily installable modules and plugins
Blogger even supports XHTML for mobile phones!

Some cool technical features of the AngelineCMS Framework:

Supports multiple login methods. Database, LDAP and even integrates into CPanel!
Supports multiple storage backends, such as database, ftp and filesystem
Full framework for handling module permissions and sharing, easy to create modules when there's no need to worry about basic stuff like authentication!
Bindable urls, bind any module or url to any virtual "folder"
Easy module interface
Easy plugin (sidebar modules) interface
BBcode support
SMTP-support for sending email
Great XML classes, generate XML tree directly from stdClass object, unlimited tree levels
Fully XSLT-based template system
Image subsystem for using GD and ImageMagick transparently
Net classes for http, https, get, post methods
Fully documented kernel classes!
Easy multilangual translation using XML files
Clean, identically indented source code through whole project
Clean code - written to be PHP5 Strict compliant. No undefined variables, no errors, nothing!
Supports MySQL, PostgreSQL and SQLite through AdoDB
PHP5 Strict ported fork of AdoDB
Secure, self-validating post/get data

What's New in This Release:
Tarmo Hyv?rinen (

Added multiple server support and selection for Cpanel- based authentication

Ville Heimonen (

Fixed limit/order bug from blogger's RSS output.
Removed title section from pages (only from display, title is still needed for admins).
Fixed ticket #99.
Fixed templates, ticket #100.
XSL fixes, partially ticket #100, but also some other tweaks.
Fixed couple bugs from Storage subpackage. Tickets #107, #108 and #109.
when using postgres, it adds whitespace to end of strings.
#109 caused by non complete paths.
A kind of fix done for #98.
Fixed some bugs from Module_Menueditor, Common_Navi and Auth_Main.
Done a kind of fix for ticket #91. logout isn't shown on lists anymore.
Fixed ticket #110.
Fixed module XSL to get valid XHTML
Comments(xx) link on blogger is now shown only if comments are allowed.
Added settings for register module.
Fixed #112.
Added page/locale XML data to XML output.
Fixes for calendar plugin.
Documentation updates.

Joni Halme (

Cleaned up code in viewinfo and userinfo modules and they are now faster and more secure.
Also cleaned up layout of both modules.
Users not logged in will no longer be able to create directories/ files with myfiles-module.
Added some safety checks to userinfo-module incase module is set as public.
Cleaned up plugin manager code. Also installing same plugin twice is no longer possible.
Calendar no longer creates links to blogger if blogger is not installed.
MyFiles-module no longer depends on download-module.
Added missing javascript to menueditor and also better checks for double posts.
Minor change to URLHandler to prevent possible fatal errors.
Page-module no longer shows pages still in draft-status.
Cleaned up all module xsl-files which gives us less xsl-code and more consistent look in all modules.
Fixed pile of CSS warnings.
Fixed a bug in page-admin xsl
xsl:attribute was placed outside of node
Pages still in draft status are now hidden from menueditor.
External links are now hidden in sidebar manager.
Updated menueditor, sidebar manger and page-admin to work even when module is set to public and user is not logged in. This does not mean you should *ever* set these as public, because you shouldn't :)
Navigation now defaults to English string if module description for current locale is not found.
Fixed 4-5 bugs from blogger admin regarding adding/removing categories in document.
Settings module now hides 'login' from available default adminmodules.

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