SPINE 1.2 review

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SPINE is a webbased Content Management System, implemented in Perl

License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
File size: 0K
Developer: Hendrik Van Belleghem
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SPINE is a webbased Content Management System, implemented in Perl. It requires a Unix flavoured webserver, a database (postgresql or mysql), a default Apache installation and mod_perl.

Here are some key features of "SPINE":
Template based editing
Database based
Simple Webbased administration
Unix style access control restrictions
Usergroup based adminstrative permissions
Short and search engine friendly URLs
No data files
Simultaneous unique setups (define database settings per subdirectory)
Fast (mod_perl based)
Native access logging (advanced details)
Basic content serving (including style)
Threaded message serving
No output requirements (generate anything you want how you want it)
Extended easily through perl modules (tag and administration)
Straightforward installation (Once per webserver)
Short learning process & No programming required
Search engine plugin
Very few external library dependencies

What's New in This Release:
Added in Package : new 4 styles
Added in Package : support for mod_perl 2
Added in Package : initial support to change message order (TODO: Add this to GUI)
Fixed in Package : Postgres permission issues
Fixed in Package : document root bug (SF bug ticket 1450821)
Fixed in Package : File Manager 'delete' message bug (SF bug ticket 1450814)
Fixed in Package : File Manager upload filename bug (SF bug ticket 1460304)
Added in Package : support for native HTTP status for 404 and 403
Updated in Documentation : database setup
Updated in Documentation : example on using Databases in plugin
Fixed in Admin : Wiki administration and fixed initial bugs
Fixed in Admin : Radio button bug in IE ; Root path actions
Added in Admin : basic support for internationalization
Fixed in Plugins : small bug in ImageGallery plugin

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