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Pluto is the Reference Implementation of the Java Portlet Specfication

License: The Apache License 2.0
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Developer: Apache Software Foundation
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Pluto is the Reference Implementation of the Java Portlet Specfication. The current version of this specification is JSR 168.

Portlets are designed to run in the context of a portal. They are written to the Portlet API which are similar to the Servlet API.

In contrast to servlets, portlets may not do things like sending redirects or errors to browsers directly, forwarding requests or writing arbitrary markup to the output stream to assure that they don?t distract the portal web application which uses them.

Another difference compared to servlets is that portlets rely on portal specific infrastructure functions such as access to user profile information, standard interface for storing/retrieving persistent settings, getting client information, etc. Generally,
portlets are administrated more dynamically than servlets typically are.

A portlet container provides a runtime environment for portlets implemented according to the Portlet API. In this environment portlets can be instantiated, used and finally destroyed. The portlet container is not a stand-alone container like the servlet container; instead it is implemented as a thin layer on top of the servlet container and reuses the functionality provided by the servlet container.

Pluto serves as portlet container that implements the Portlet API and offers developers a working example platform from which they can test their portlets. However, it's cumbersome to execute and test the portlet container without a driver, in this case, the portal.

Pluto's simple portal component is built only on the portlet container's and the JSR 168's requirements. (In contrast, the more sophisticated, Jetspeed project concentrates on the portal itself rather than the portlet container, and considers requirements from other groups.)

What's New in This Release:
Added Pluto 1.1 index page and basic documentation
PLUTO 164: response contentType can change after getWriter()
PLUTO 155: URL encoding in pluto 1.0.1-RC4 issue when using apache with jk2
PLUTO 157: portlet.tld taglib is using jsp version 1.1. JSR168 spec requires JSP version 1.2
PLUTO 152: Support maven deployment to a remote repository
PLUTO 130: portlet:namespace fails inside JSTL c:set
PLUTO-107: Admin portlet fails to add page. Hot deployment now supported.
PLUTO-92: Deployer strips elements from web.xml (Deploy War Portlet)

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