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Apache::Logmonster project is a tool to collect log files from multiple Apache Web servers, split them based on the virtual host, sor

License: BSD License
File size: 108K
Developer: Matt Simerson
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Apache::Logmonster project is a tool to collect log files from multiple Apache Web servers, split them based on the virtual host, sort the logs into chronological order, and then pipe them into a log file analyzer of your choice (Webalizer, http-analyze, AWstats, etc).

Here are some key features of "Apache Logmonster":
Log Retrieval from one or mnay hosts
Ouputs to webalizer, http-analyze, and AWstats.

Automatic vhost configuration
Logmonster reads your Apache config files to learn about your virtual hosts and their file system location. Logmonster also generates config files as required (ie, awstats.example.com.conf).

Settings configuration for each virtualhost
Outputs stats into each virtual domains stats dir, if that directory exists. This is an easy way to enable or disable stats for a virtual host. If ``stats'' exists, it will be updated. Otherwise it will not. Can also creates missing stats directories if desired (see statsdir_policy in logmonster.conf).

uses Compress::Zlib to read directly from .gz files to minimizes network and disk usage. Skips processing logs for vhosts with no $statsdir. Skips sorting if you only have logs from one host.

Flexible update intervals
you can run it monthly, daily, or hourly

saves an activity report and sends an email friendly report.

lots of error checking so if something goes wrong, it gives a useful error message.

Apache savvy
Understands and correctly deals with server aliases

What's New in This Release:
This new version is mostly about code quality and maintainability (not new features). The large chunks of code have been modularized into smaller subroutines and tests have been written to test the functionality of each sub. There are now 102 different tests (was 23) in the test suite. Added t/Test-coverage.pl, t/Logmonster.t, t/pod.t, t/pod-coverage, t/00.load
Nearly all the ``working'' code has been moved into lib/Apache/Logmonster.pm. Logmonster.pl is now a ``shell'' consisting of a little bit of code and a lot of documentation.
All the functions are now Object Oriented. Time will tell if that is a A Good Thing[TM] but it makes reading the code and understanding where all the calls are going much, much easier. added doc/*
The documentation has been significantly updated, addressing many of the common questions and comments I have received.
The reporting has been overhauled. You still get the same information but by default, if everything is okay it runs entirely silently. A single -v will output status messages that make for a nice birds eye view of your web log traffic. You can add additional -v options for even more verbose reporting.
Interface change: instead of -m for month, -d for day, and -h for hour, you use a -i [hour|day|month] option. The old -mdh options are officially deprecated but will continue to work for the indefinte future.
synced lib/Apache/Logmonster/Perl & Utility with Mail::Toaster 5 versions.

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