W3Perl 3.01 review

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W3Perl is a tool to analyse your web activity

License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
File size: 901K
Developer: Laurent Domisse
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W3Perl is a tool to analyse your web activity. W3Perl can be easily configured.

Graphical and textual informations are used to have a better view of the 'success' of your WWW server among Internet users. I hope this package will help you to produce an ever better www server.

Here are some key features of "W3Perl":
HTML output
Fast (work in incremental mode)
Truly incremental version (relationship between variables are stored)
Multi-language output (you could add yours easily)
Differents graphs and texts output
Compute hourly, daily, weekly and monthly output
Compute countries, hosts, pages, directories, domain... stats
Compute light or huge output
Server's configuration file (use as many config files as the stats report you need)
Commands line options
Run on every server I've used (Apache, NCSA, CERN, IIS, Netscape...)
Works with common, extended common, new extended or IIS logfile format
No root access or cgi-bin access need. Could be run from your own directory
Can work with crunched logfiles or/and with monthly/daily logfiles
Can run each night in a crontab
Map URL to document's title
Referer and agent statistics
Keywords referer stats from search engine
Error stats
Session stats
Scripts stats
Login stats for restricted directories
Statistics about your Web structure (tree, bad links...)
Work on every computer (Unix, NT, Mac and Acorn tested)
Work with most logfile format (you can add others easily)
Virtual server with NECLF or patched CLF or ECLF format
Remote administration interface
Lots of log filename string supported for daily or monthly logfiles
No telnet access need to use the package
Very accurate stats for each day
Real time stats
FTP and Squid logfiles support new

What's New in This Release:
Support for Apache rotation log files has been added.
The ability to get screen size/depth color stats with a piece of Javascript code has been added.
Many improvements have been made.

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