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Ascension is my attempt at an email client

License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
File size: 822K
Developer: Damian Kramer
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Ascension is my attempt at an email client. It makes use of the KDE libraries, so you will need KDE installed if you wish to use it (works with 3.2, might work with 3.1). Although the code is still in alpha, I have been using it as my main email client for over a year.

If you wish to try it, you would be sensible to backup your email first. Using imap should be relatively safe, but pop3 and Unix (local) mailboxes have not been so extensively tested. I take no responsibility for any loss of data while using this program. Ascension has only been tested under Linux.

The current version supports:

* IMAP (not SSL) mailboxes.
* Pop3 (not SSL) mailboxes.
* Unix mailboxes.
* Viewing of HTML messages (no HTML composing).
* Limited searching of headers.
* Dockable parts.
* Fonts and colours are configurable, as is much of the behvaiour.

Still to do:

* Support SSL connections (probably requires a rewrite of a good portion of the mailbox subsystem).
* PGP and S/MIME support.
* Virtual folders.
* A ton of ideas yet to come.

What's New in This Release:
This is the first public release

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