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JIRA is a J2EE-based, issue tracking and project management application developed to make this process easier for your team. Atlas

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JIRA is a J2EE-based, issue tracking and project management application developed to make this process easier for your team.

Atlassian JIRA has been designed with a focus on task achievement, is instantly usable and is flexible to work with.

Here are some key features of "Atlassian JIRA":
Manage bugs, features, tasks and improvements
A clean and powerful user interface that is easy to understand for both business and technical users
Track components and versions
Customisable dashboard
Automatically generated project roadmaps
User/group permissioning and security
Easily extended to and integrated with other systems (including email, RSS, Excel, XML and CVS)
Attach files to issues
Full text searching and powerful filtering (customisable, saveable, shareable and subscribeable!)
Highly configurable email notification schemes
Runs on your existing hardware and software platform
Compatible with almost any database
'Print page' option on every screen
Web service enabled for programmatic control (SOAP, XML-RPC and REST interfaces)

30 days evaluation

JIRA will run well on any reasonably fast computer (eg. 1.5+Ghz processor). Memory requirements depend on how many issues you will store, but 256Mb is enough for most installations (for reference, has 8600 issues and is allocated up to 650Mb).

Most users start by downloading JIRA Standalone, and running it on their local computer. It is easy to move JIRA to a central server later.

The Standalone distribution requires Java (installation guide). JIRA Standalone comes with a built-in application server and database, and is the preferred format for new users.
The WAR/Webapp distribution requires Java (installation guide), an application server and a database


1. Unzip the downloaded file (Notes: avoid WinXP unzip! Solaris users will need to use GNU tar to handle the long filenames.)
2. Run the startup script:
* On Windows, run bin/startup.bat (try bin/catalina.bat run if that immediately exits), or
* On Unix/Linux, run bin/ Logs will be written to logs/catalina.out.
3. Point a web browser at http://localhost:8080, where you should see the setup wizard.

If something goes wrong, please verify that Java is installed correctly.

What's New in This Release:
This release adds 50 new features and bugfixes such as the ability to assign permissions and notifications to an issue's group field value, new notification events can be defined, and new reporting capabilities.

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