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TrackStudio is a hierarchical issue tracking and bug tracking system, created specifically for software development companies

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Developer: TrackStudio, Ltd.
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TrackStudio is a hierarchical issue tracking and bug tracking system, created specifically for software development companies. Our customers enjoy five unique benefits that allow them to maximize their developers' productivity, reduce the cost of management, and introduce standardized bug tracking and issue management into their enterprise.

Effective change and issue tracking requires much more than simple bug tracking, it requires the management of all types of issues. TrackStudio allows you to define separate workflows for each type of issue, including bugs, enhancement requests, documentation changes and more. Effective issue tracking also requires comprehensive reporting, enabling you to improve productivity, accurately predict deployment dates, manage project resources, and analyze what work has been completed and what work remains.

TrackStudio project is a issue tracking system very powerful and highly flexible. Support for hierarchical structures, project-specific customization and issue-level security allows users to customize nearly every aspects of the system with a few clicks of the mouse. Automatic and highly customizable email notification ensures that all team members are tied into the issue and change tracking process. As change requests are updated, email messages indicating the changes are sent automatically to the appropriate stakeholders.

TrackStudio is a highly scalable issue tracking solution. Whatever the size of your development team, wherever they're located, and no matter what platform they use, TrackStudio efficiently captures, tracks, and manages any type of change. Java API enables you to integrate our issue tracking system with call-center, front-office and other third-party software. The high performance rates and scalability, support for nearly all servlet containers and DBMSs, as well as the affordable price, all make this system a perfect choice for any company.

Here are some key features of "TrackStudio Enterprise":
Easy Deployment:

Out-of-the-box deployment with web server and database
SSL encryption support out-of-the-box
Windows service support out-of-the-box
No client installations
Platform and browser independent clients
No third party software required to install (JRE, Ant, JDBC drivers, etc)

Server Manager:

Allows software configuration with just a few mouse clicks
Configures port and protocol (HTTP/HTTPS)
Configures character encoding (UTF-8, Windows-1252, etc.)
Configures DBMS connection
Configures POP3 connection
Configures SMTP connection
Configures LDAP connection
All connections can be tested before startup
No wizards - easily change any property at any time
Easy access to previously saved property values
Create/Upgrade database
Supports transferring data between DBMSs via XML import/export
Easy access to debug log
Start/stop TrackStudio Enterprise

User Interface:

Fully web-based, including the Administrator Interface
Explorer-style user interface
WYSIWYG bug description editor
Cross-platform supports for Internet Explorer, Mozilla, and FireFox
Optimized for managing large numbers of tasks (bugs, projects) and users
Easy-to-configure custom colors or graphics (company colors, logo, etc)
Each user can enter and view date and time in their own time zone and local format
Full internationalization support (web, e-mail, reports)
Out-of-the-box English and Russian skin support
All forms are printer-friendly. Now you can print out any form, just use File->Print in your browser.
JavaScript-based form validation prior to submission
User default project. Each user can be assigned a project that will be available for him right after he/she logs in.


Extensible architecture
Open SOAP API (Java and .NET compatible)
Microsoft Outlook
Microsoft Outlook Express
IntelliJ IDEA
Borland JBuilder
Full source code available

Custom Fields:

Unlimited numbers of custom fields
Custom fields inheritance
Supports custom fields for tasks, users, and workflows
BeanShell-based calculated custom fields
Per-project custom fields
Per-workflow custom fields
Supports string, memo, integer, float, date, list, multilist, task link, user link and URL types
Supports default values (including list type)
Supports required custom fields
Supports custom fields in filters
Supports custom fields in reports
Supports custom fields in e-mail notification rules
Supports custom fields in task list

Task Management:

Create new task or project with one mouse click
Supports name, description, category, priority, state, and resolution fields
Deadline tracking.
Elapsed and estimated time tracking; history stored in database
Assignments history path recorded in the database with comments
Bulk copy/move tasks between projects
Split bugs in various different bugs, whilst still maintaining reference to the main bug
Per-version auto-assignment rules
Per-component auto-assignment rules
Per-project auto-assignment rules
Quick access to task or project by task number or alias
Bulk Editing Tool allows changes to priority, deadline, handler, state, resolution, elapsed and estimated time and add bug-note for multiple tasks (even in several projects)
Text formatting engine for the task and message description formatting.


Multiple filters per project
Filtering on multiple projects
Private or shared filters
Per-project filter list
Supports AND/OR/NOT logic
Filter tasks by custom fields, changelog and roadmap generation. Calculated custom fields allow you to create very comprehensive filters.
Filter tasks by message properties (submitter, handler, elapsed time, status, resolution, keyword)
Full text search
Sort by multiple columns
Safely delete the used filters

Email Notifications:

Multiple e-mail notification schemes per project
Allows you to set an individual e-mail template for every user
Text and HTML e-mail notification
Per-user e-mail notification configuration
The manager can edit subordinate e-mail notification rules
Calculated custom fields allow you to create very comprehensive e-mail notification rules.
Per-project e-mail notification configuration
Periodic e-mail notification (every day, for example)
Allows you to specify when periodic e-mail notification should be e-mailed
E-mail notification and email submission integration
Tasks and messages list in e-mail notification
Quick-jump to task from e-mail notification message
Allows you to receive list of overdue tasks every day
Allows you to receive list of tasks and messages entered into the system during the previous day
Allows you to receive e-mail notification only for high-priority tasks
Allows you to receive e-mail notification only when you're the handler
Allows you to receive e-mail notification only for tasks with specified product version (custom field)
Allows you to receive e-mail notification only when someone modifies elapsed time
Allows you to receive e-mail notification only when the submitter closes a task

Email submission:

Flexible project-specific e-mail submission rules. You can automatically process all incoming mail to the support e-mail address. If an e-mail message meets the specified criteria, it is added to the system; if not, it can be deleted or forwarded to the specified address.
Import e-mail messages as new tasks or messages. The incoming e-mail messages can be added to the system as tasks or messages depending on the given configuration.
Very easy to configure and use, point-and-click interface
Add bug-notes via e-mail
Change task state via e-mail
Change task resolution via e-mail
Change task handler via e-mail
Change task priority via e-mail
Change task deadline via e-mail
Enter elapsed and estimated time via e-mail
Supports HTML e-mail messages
Supports attachments


Web-based workflow editor
Complete workflow customization: states, transitions, etc
Workflow changes without work interruption
Unlimited numbers of workflows, states and transitions
Multiple workflows per project
Multiple task categories per workflow
Dependent task categories
Workflow inheritance
Per-project workflow customization
Per-workflow customizable fields
Per-workflow priorities
Per-workflow state list
Multiple final state per workflow
Per-transition resolutions
Show a restricted list of transitions for a given state
Show a restricted list of designated users for a given state, and select a transition to another state
Bug states/transition/resolutions history path recorded in the database with comments
Elapsed time history recorded in the database with comments
Workflow and e-mail notification integration
Supports the copy operation for workflows. You can copy a complex workflow with just one mouse click


Built-in web-based reporting
Reporting on multiple projects
All reports are based on filters
Private or shared reports
List, details, distribution, and money(workload) reports
Output as HTML, PDF, XML, CSV and MS Excel
Full custom fields support
Configurable column list
Calculated custom fields allow you to create very comprehensive reports. Calculated custom fields, together with distribution reports, allows you to find out what percentage of user requests are resolved within one day, or which developer fixes bugs most quickly.


LDAP support
SSL encryption support
Configurable external user self-registration rules. You can specify who will be the manager for the newly created users, whether it is necessary either to create a separate project for each user or to give him/her access to those already existing, and a lot more.
Stores hash of password in the database
Group inheritance
Supports users hierarchy
Per-department group list
Per-project administrators
Full users and projects isolation
Account locking
Custom password policy
Move user between departments
Authority delegation
Group-based privileges. To simplify the management of the user access rights inheritance support is provided for the user groups and roles.
Project-level security. Every user can be a member of several groups and the group list of different projects can vary. For example, user Peter can be a developer in ProjectA, a tester in ProjectB.
Issue-level security
Field-level security. You can set a visible field list for every user group. For example, you can disable the budget and actual budget display for customers.
Group-based transitions
Remote administration
Matrix project management support


Supports 10000+ named users and 50000+ tasks
Application server cluster support (experimental).
Three-level cache subsystem, optimized for hierarchical processing
Supports Microsoft Windows, Linux, Sun Solaris, IBM AIX, and Hewlett Packard HP-UX
Supports ORACLE, IBM DB2, MS SQL, Interbase, Firebird, PostgreSQL and HSQL
Supports BEA Weblogic, IBM WebSphere, Sun ONE, Apache Tomcat, JBoss, Jetty, Caucho Resin

TrackStudio, Ltd:

Largest software development company in Smolensk, Russia
Technical support via forum
Technical support via E-mail
Technical support via Yahoo! Messenger
Free 90-day trial
Available as hosted service
Fully functional live demo

Free 90-day trial

ORACLE 8i, 9i, 10g
IBM DB2 8.1.3
MS SQL Server 2000 SP3
Firebird 1.5.2
PostgreSQL 7.4.2-8.0
HSQLDB 1.7.2
BEA Weblogic 8.1
IBM WebSphere 5.1

Sun ONE Application Server 7
Tomcat 4.x-5.x (free download)
JBoss 4.0.1
Jetty 5.1.2 (free download)
Caucho Resin 3.0.9
JRun 4
Sun JDK 1.4.2-1.5.0
Mozilla 1.7
Netscape 7.1
Firefox 1.0

What's New in This Release:
Many major and minor bugs were fixed.

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