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Audio::Xmpcr is a Perl API to the XM PCR Satellite radio

License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
File size: 44K
Developer: Eric
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Audio::Xmpcr is a Perl API to the XM PCR Satellite radio. It offers two different operating modes (direct and remote+daemon) via a single interface.This is very alpha, use at your own risk. It has only been tested only with few cards.

16 meg all-in-wonder rage 128 capture card.
8 meg all-in-wonder pro capture card.
4 meg all-in-wonder capture card. (ATI Technologies Inc 3D Rage II+ 215GTB [Mach64 GTB])
2 meg ATI Rage II+ video card + an ISA addon tv card.
Ati Rage Pro video card + an ISA addon tv carMythtv currently only supports capture cards that output planar YUV (as far as I know) and the bt82X chip can only output packed format YUV, so until someone patches Mythtv to support other formats...

You do not need the GATOS video driver to use this module in fact you dont even need X. However you should use the gatos video driver if all you want to do is watch tv. (it supports overlay and alot more cards)

What's New in This Release:
Enabled CAGC - Automatic Chrominance Gain Control (which should make the colours more vibrant)
Enabled CKILL - Low Colour Detection and Removal
Initial support for Closed captioning, I am almost 100% sure this is not supposed to go on /dev/vbi but thats where it is for now. (EDS data can also be captured but I have no place to put the output yet)

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