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GLTV is a tv viewing application written using OpenGL and SDL

License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
File size: 802K
Developer: Thomas Stephens
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GLTV is a tv viewing application written using OpenGL and SDL. It is designed to have an easy method of adding good looking on screen display (OSD) elements. Eventually i plan on adding support for XMLTV tv listings, so you can see whats on currently, and browse the tv listings from within the program, but i am currently just adding support for the basics, and trying to make the general look of the OSD nice. It uses alpha blending and double buffered reads, so you probably have to have a decent video card and cpu to run it well (it takes 50% of my tbird 1.2ghz machine (but only 1-2% of my 1.5gb of ram). it also uses a lot of textures (the video is a texture mapped onto a quad) so you might need to have a fair amount of video memory (i have a GeForce 2 gts with 32mb of ram, and it runs at a good speed).

It requires: a video4linux (1) capture card, OpenGL, Freetype 2, SDL and XMLwrapp. Theoretically, any v4l capture card should work, but i am using a bttv based one (Hauppauge, bt878), so it might not work too well with other cards, or cards using other drivers. If you are using another card and have success or problems with it, let me know so I can fix them if there is a problem (or add them to a list of known supported drivers).

Note: you must have a file called .gltvrc in your home directory. For an example with the default options, look at gltvrc.default in the source directory.

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