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Aumix is a software mixer

License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
File size: 153K
Developer: Trevor Johnson
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Aumix is a software mixer. This program adjusts an audio mixer from X, the console, a terminal, the command line or a script. Version 2.8 was released 25 November 2002.

Support for the Advanced Linux Sound Architecture driver is currently disabled because of changes to the ALSA API. See if you want to work on it.

You will need a sound driver compatible with the Open Sound System driver from

To build RPM source and binary packages, do "rpm -ta aumix-foo.tar.gz" (use the "-tb" option to just build the binary, or "-ts" to just make the source RPM) and look at the "Wrote:" messages to determine where the packages were placed.The drivers distributed with the official kernels should work with aumix.

If you are using devfs, run aumix with the option "-d /dev/sound/mixer".

What's New in This Release:
doesn't assume existence of any device (volume, bass, etc)
some minor bug fixes
some bug fixes to work correctly with SB Pro
should now work correctly when multiple copies are run simultaneously

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