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Multi Gnome Terminal is an enhanced version of gnome-terminal, with many powerful new features and extensions

License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
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Developer: Cristiano De Michele
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Multi Gnome Terminal is an enhanced version of gnome-terminal, with many powerful new features and extensions. The most notable enhancement is the ability to run multiple terminals within the same window.

Each terminal may be accessed by its "tab", through keyboard shortcuts, or menu selections. Inactive terminals provide an alert when the buffer changes by changing the color of the tab labels.

Other enhancements include a toolbar, a buttonbar, flexible command options to launch new terminals, tabs, and shells from either the GUI or command line, customizable key bindings for MGT functions and other uses, font shadowing, the ability to "split" terminals so that each window can simultaneously multiple terminals, the ability to "view" or "bond" terminals with other terminals, and various other improvements

Here are some key features of "Multi Gnome Terminal":
Multiple terminals may be opened within the same Window.
Each terminal Window is "Tabbed" for easy navigation.
The terminal Window may be "split" vertically and/or horizontally. And also unsplit, or the split terminal can be moved to its own "Tab", or even another Window.
Terminals may be "bonded" so that the output of a command in one terminal is echoed to all the "bonded" terminals.
Terminals may be moved from one Multi Gnome Terminal Window to another.
Notification that an inactive terminal buffer has changed, or is in the process of changing, via colors on Tab labels.
Extensive keyboard shortcuts for most Multi Gnome Terminal features, and configurable key bindings for these features and other uses.
Shading, tinting and psuedo-transparency of the Multi Gnome Terminal Window background.
Gamma corrrection and contrast controls for background pixmaps.
Configurable "Commands" for initializing new terminals, accessible from within the Multi Gnome Terminal GUI interface, or as command line options.
Adds a Toolbar and Buttonbar, which can be disabled like the other GUI components. The Toolbar can be repositioned too.
Search the scrollback buffer.
Font "shadowing" for better contrast on transparent or pixmapped backgrounds.
Improved terminal emulation capabilities, including support for VT52.
Improved support for launching URLs direct from the terminal Window.
A flexible command line for creating new Windows and Tabs.
Bold fonts can be a different font, and different color.
Support for pseudo-graphics characters (like xterm).
Greatly improved Class handling (configuration profiles) with many available configuration options.

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