AUSTRUMI 1.3.1 review

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AUSTRUMI is a bootable Live CD Linux distribution with a business card size (50MB)

License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
File size: 51136K
Developer: AUSTRUMI Team
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AUSTRUMI is a bootable Live CD Linux distribution with a business card size (50MB). Imagine the ability to boot your favorite Linux distribution whether you are at home, at school or at work.

Here are some key features of "AUSTRUMI":

gqview - image browser
gimp - Image Manipulation Program
inkscape - SVG editor


gcalctool - graphical calculator
abiword - word processor
gnumeric - spreadsheet editor
stardict - dictionary
bluefish - html editor
gv - a PostScript and PDF previewer


nmap - network scaner
ettercap - sniffer/interceptor/logger for LAN
airsnort - wireless LAN (WLAN) tool
gspoof - sending tool of TCP/IP packets
hydra - login cracker
LinNeighborhood - samba client
tsclient - frontend for rdesktop and vncviewer
telnet - telnet client
gputty - ssh client
mtr - traceroute


firefox - WWW browser
gftp - ftp client
skype - free internet telephony
gitmail - mail client
apache - Web server
vsftpd - ftp server
xmail - mail server


mplayer - movie player
simplecdrx - CD creation and audio manipulation program


ltris - classic 'Tetris' clone
atomix - logical game
xboard:phalanx - chess
gnomine - variation of minesweeper
gtkballs - clone of well-known DOS game "Lines"
gsoko - logical game
icebreaker - clasic 'Xonix' clone


emelfm - file manager
rxvt - color VT102 terminal emulator
htop - task manager
xproc - system information
partimage - partition imaging utility
voarti - firewall/router
gtkfind - graphical file finding program
turma - search (and replace) text
xfdiff4 - graphical diff frontend
hexedit - shows/modify a file both in ASCII and in hexadecimal
gcrontab - a crontab editor

CPU - Intel-compatible (pentium or later);
RAM - at least 96 MB (if 96 Mb or less, then run boot: al nocdcache);
HD - not needed;
CD-ROM - bootable CD-ROM drive.

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