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AutoOpts 25:1 is included with AutoGen 5.7.1

License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
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Developer: Bruce Korb
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AutoOpts 25:1 is included with AutoGen 5.7.1. AutoOpts project is a very powerful command line option parser consisting of a set of AutoGen templates and a run time library that nearly eliminates the hassle of parsing and documenting command line options. This package allows you to specify several program attributes, up to 100 option types and many attributes for each option.

Using your program's option definitions, AutoGen will expand the AutoOpts templates into two C source files and, optionally, a man page document and a tex-info ``invoking'' document section. The header and code files constitute all the information the AutoOpts library needs to parse and handle the command line, environment variables and initialization file (rc file) options. When your program runs, the AutoOpts library will then interpret these compiled data.

Additionally, if you wish to use ``getopt_long(3GNU) or getopt(3C)'' to parse the options instead of AutoOpts' libopts library, you may do so. A template (getopt.tpl) is distributed with AutoOpts that will take restricted AutoOpts option definitions and produce the parsing loop that calls either ``getopt(3C)'' or ``getopt_long(3GNU)''. (Which depends on whether long options are enabled in your description.) Be aware, though, that it is significantly crippled when compared with the full set of AutoOpts Features

AutoOpts is available either under the terms of the Library GNU Public License, or, at your option, the terms of the advertising-clause-free BSD license.

What's New in This Release:
This release fixes a memory referencing issue that affected "make check" on a few platforms.
There are more tweaks to make it compile on Windows platforms that do not have a Bourne-derived shell installed.

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