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Bauk HTTP server project is a high-performance Web server

License: Other/Proprietary License
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Developer: Vlajko
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Bauk HTTP server project is a high-performance Web server. Bauk's advanced architecture and unique design provide high performance and many original features, ie. ability to serve unlimited number of Virtual Hosts/simultaneous HTTP connections per single server process without performance loss.

Full installation requires only a single directory of UNIX file system used as a working directory for Bauk executable. Configuration process is simple and performed by adjustment of Bauk configuration script.

Here are some key features of "Bauk HTTP server":
Full HTTP/1.1 and CGI/1.1 standard compliance
HTTP authentication, Basic method, auth script per Virtual Host
Unlimited number of Virtual Hosts without performance loss
Virtual Host aliases
Unlimited number of simultaneous HTTP connections per single Bauk process with no performance loss (Special Edition)
Persistent (Keep-Alive) connections
URL Path; define URL and path with type of access; ie. read, write, browse, execute, require HTTP authentication, etc.
OPTIONS, GET, HEAD, POST, PUT, DELETE, TRACE methods of HTTP request defined by HTTP/1.1, configurable per URL Path
Content negotiation by client language and charset
Configurable MIME types
Configurable HTTP headers by MIME type
Configurable HTML error documents / CGI executables
Directory browsing; view content of directories with HTML links
Execution of CGI programs/scripts
SUID/SGID for CGI execution
Chroot for CGI execution; chroot CGI to Virtual Host's home
3 security layers for CGI execution: by URL limit to X-only ie. CGI dir; for RX-URL imply X-only for X-able files; impose X-only by file extension ie. CGI executables wrongly placed and no X flag
Quotas for CGI execution; number of simultaneous CGI processes, execution priority, max execution time (duration), max CPU time, memory, filesize
Quotas of network traffic in/out per Virtual Host (I/O speed limit)
Quotas of connections per Virtual Host
Quotas of connections per client IP number
Access restriction by IP address; forbid and allow-only
Access restriction by valid HTTP referrer
Configurable HTTP-log format and location for Virtual Hosts
Configurable singleprocess or multiprocess architecture
Chroot for Bauk server process
Full configurability; virtually all Bauk features are configurable by simple configuration script adjustment
Easy configuration by script language; built-in configuration script interpreter with preprocessor, file-inclusion, block and single-line comments, two data types, variables, arithmetic operations and built-in functions
Easy administration


This sofware is protected by VIL and the license states:
You're welcome to use this software. Remember the rightful author if you're using any parts/unique components of Bauk software.

What's New in This Release:
This release includes various feature enhancements, improvements, new features, and additions to documentation.

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