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bb_mug is a simple, tiny, and fast Java class obfuscator

License: Free for non-commercial use
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Developer: S. Franke
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bb_mug is a simple, tiny, and fast Java class obfuscator. Where applicable, it replaces class, method, and field names with shorter names.

bb_mug removes all information not required for execution.

Here are some key features of "bb_mug":
It is simple since there are no options
It is tiny because it was coded smart
It is fast due to efficient algorithms

bb_mug requires 2 arguments:

< inpath > the input path, to read the classes to obfuscate
< outpath > the output path, to write the obfuscated classes to

There are no options since it follows the default visibility paradigm:

public elements are not obfuscated
protected elements are not obfuscated, if they might be visible to external derived classes
package local and pricate members are always obfuscated

If you believe that a public method should be obfuscated you should reconsider why it is public.

What's New in This Release:
Two bugfixes were made.
References to mangled members in a different class are resolved correctly now even when the member resides in a base class of the reference class.
Mangled members no longer hide mangled members from parent classes.

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