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BBForums is a Web forum server.Create a system permitting several forums administrated by different users

License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
File size: 41K
Developer: Bruno Bzeznik
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BBForums is a Web forum server.Create a system permitting several forums administrated by different users. BB-Forum is not a soft for creating only one forum but is a soft for creating several forums and administer the users.A forum can be public or moderated, and subscription-moderated. Moderated subscriptions or messages are easily accepted or rejected by the administrators of the forums into the web interface.

Quick install :

First of all you should create a user for mysql which will have read/write acces.

connect mysql;
create database bbforums;
grant all on bbforums to "bbforums@%" identified by "mypass";

Send the file MYSQL-Structure to your mysql client to create the structure of the database.

mysql -p -u bbforums bbforums < MYSQL_STRUCTURE

- Copy all the files contained in the archives into the place you want under your web server tree.
- Edit the to match mysql server, database name, login, etc... You need to decide a name for a superuser of your bbf.
- Do a "cp" (replace by the two letters corresponding to the file containing the language you want).

NOTE: The file supposed to be the english version has not yet been corrected. It's written by me with my poor english, so, if you make an english version better than mine, send it to!

- Start your web browser and connect to the url corresponding to the file index.php.
- Then, subscribe to bbforums with the username you chose to be the superuser into
When you connect with this username, you'll have more options allowing you to create/delete/change forums.
- You can now start to create new forums. Users can subscribe and will probably ask for new forums or will enter the forums you created.
- Frequently clean the "create-keys" table to delete all the keys that were not used by bad users. You can do this by choosing the last option of your superuser's environment.

You can customize the files and for the pages to match the feature you want. You can also customize the messages as they are all in the file.

a web server running PHP 4
a mysql server (tested on version 3.22.32 under RedHat 6.2)

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