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Zorum is a message board software, which may be used with equal success on both intra- and internet sites

License: Freeware
File size: 292K
Developer: phpoutsourcing
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Zorum is a message board software, which may be used with equal success on both intra- and internet sites. Zorum is a very basic software package that may be customized easily by adding or subtracting desired features. We make modifications to suit the customization needs of our clients.

Naturally, you may find that Zorum will be satisfactory to you as is, without further modification or customization. If that is the case, download and use our program. Basic Zorum is free of charge! Details about user rights may be found on our license page.

If you are satisfied with this program and want to help us to keep it alive and continiously improve, click here to learn more about the donation possibility.

There are many professional forum software packages on the internet that are capable of virtually anything. The problem with these generally is, that the given software 'knows too much' and therefore, it is too complicated. They have too many added features that you may never use, however, they lack those specific features that you may want.

Zorum's development team is here to help you with just such a request. All you need to do is communicate to us your requirements and our team will customize the basic program for your company's specific forum needs.

If you have future projects that you will need program design/development assistance on, please visit our home page.

Here are some key features of "Zorum":
Simple to use, uniform user interface through any mainstream web browser;
Use and administration do not necessitate any special programming knowledge;
Web based, fast installation process;
Unlimited number of forums and/or categories;
Integrated, fast administrative functions;
Different access permission levels;
User profiles;
Moderated forums;
Forums, topics and messages marked if read;
Fast database engine, fast page generation;
Web interface allows for a variety of customised system settings;
The user may modify and delete message if there is no reply;
Eight different subscription possibilities;
Preview of new messages;
BB codes;
Topic move;
Administrators may set priorities for topics. High priority topics will be listed at the top of the topic list;
Private forums and user group management. The forums may be private for reading, writing, or topic creation for a group of users. The user groups may have moderators who are responsible for adding, or removing members from the groups, as they judge appropriate;
Bad words replacement rules;
PHP code support in the header and footer template;
Password reminder;
Block postings per IP, e-mail, user;
List of all messages, and topics from a user;
List of new messages and topics;
List of new messages and topics;
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MySql database server
Php4 script module

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