Biniax 1.2 review

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Biniax is an unique arcade logic game

License: Freely Distributable
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Developer: Jordan Tuzsuzov
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Biniax is an unique arcade logic game. Simple and addictive, you can learn in a minute and play for hours.

The gaming field is a 5x7 grid filled partially with pairs of elements. Every pair consists of two different elements combined of four possible.

You control the box with an element inside and can move around the field on empty spaces. You can also remove pairs of elements if you have the same element as the one of the pair.

When you remove the pair, your element becomes the other one element of the pair and the score is increased. The gaming field scrolls down slowly and your goal is to stay on the field for as long as possible.

What's New in This Release:
After months of playing, this release introduces the new time balance.
This is an important change in the gameplay.

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