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BitWise IM Personal is a instant messenger client with many powerfull features. Here are some key features of "BitWise IM Personal

License: Freeware
File size: 3275K
Developer: BitWise Communications, LLC
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BitWise IM Personal is a instant messenger client with many powerfull features.

Here are some key features of "BitWise IM Personal":
Text Messaging
File Sharing
Offline IMs
Direct Connect

Here are some key features of "BitWise IM Personal":
Completely new icons throughout the program give BitWise a more modern look.
Corner popups redesigned to use the contact icon, or the BitWise bulb if no icon is available.
The whiteboard circle tool is now an ellipse tool; use shift when starting drawing for a circle.
Pasting text onto the whiteboard is now supported (in addition to pasting images).
Whiteboards now have their own alert that can flash the whiteboard or play a sound after a change.
When pasting an image or text onto the whiteboard, the select/move tool is automatically selected.
When redrawing portions of the whiteboard, such as while moving an object, all flicker has been removed.
Whiteboard scrollbar and redraw logic simplified and improved, especially when the whiteboard is shrinking.
"Check for Update" menu option added to the File menu of the contact list.
Conference toolbar rearranged to more logically group the icons based on conference features.
When contact icon caching is on, but the cache is deleted or moved, contact icons will be re-retrieved.
A file transfer canceled by the sender will no longer try to resume the next time the recipient logs in.
Pressing delete in the list of users in consolidated view always closes that conversation.
Login window has been reorganized for more logical layout and better tab ordering.
Themes folder on the Themes preferences page aligns properly with the caption and button.
Really long phrases in the preferences split into two lines to prevent translations from making wide windows.
A few voice chat statuses were incorrectly marked not translatable have been marked translatable.
The consolidated conversation window explanation (from the Help menu) was reorganized to be easier to read.
You can right-click any "static" URL and copy the target URL to the clipboard.
Pro: Corrected reading of pre-1.0.4 BitWiseConfig.ini Network IDs.
Pro: Mass Message window saves its size and position between times it is opened.
Windows: System fonts are respected on standard controls (e.g. static text).
Windows: Corner popups can now display Unicode characters (showed boxes before).
Windows: Flicker substantially reduced (eliminated?) when resizing or redrawing windows.
Windows: URL History can now store URLs with Unicode characters.
Windows: Pasting onto the whiteboard no longer "wraps" the rightmost few pixels to the left.
Windows: Log searching using the log viewer is faster on Windows XP/2000.
Windows: Text controls now use the system color for the text color.
Windows Installer: Automatically copies msvcp60.dll if it isn't available.
Windows/Linux: You can right-click a URL in any text window to copy it to the clipboard.
Linux: 24 x 24 tray icons used rather than 16 x 16 icons. (disable with --disable-large-systray)
Linux: Corners popups using a different GTK window type that should avoid focus-stealing problems.
Linux: Auto-copy to clipboard now works again with non-GTK tools like Klipper.
Linux: Error message is now shown when trying to open a 2nd blank page on the whiteboard.
Linux: If a file connection is lost while choosing where to save the file, BitWise no longer crashes.
Linux: Closing log viewer while loading a log is forbidden to prevent BitWise from crashing.
Mac: Double-clicking on the contact list when another window has focus now selects the correct user.
Mac: Gray border around contact icons removed (border fits tightly around the icon).
Fixed rare glitch where offline messages would fail to download until you logged out and back in.

What's New in This Release:
New sounds, including sounds for some events that did not have a unique sound before.
The steal focus preferences has been changed to default to off rather than on.
Do not run the STUN protocol for UDP punching when both users are connected to the same router.
Fixed whiteboard single line textbox placement when the whiteboard is scrolled.
Modified translation strings for times (hours, minutes, seconds) to be more translation-friendly.
Private key file updated when Store In File is already selected and you load new keys from files.
Better IP address handling converting between strings and integers help prevent some slight pauses.
Changed the "Cancel" button in the file transfer manager to "Stop."
Whiteboard text paragraph dialog properly takes focused when it is opened.
Removed duplicate/persistent first "Add " on Actions menu in conversations.
Detached information window respects your conversation "steal focus" setting.
"Save All" in whiteboard is enabled even if the first page is blank.
The Add Contact window (specific contact) from a conversation properly takes focus when opened.
The Add Contact window (specific contact) from a conversation gives an error message when detached.
Improvements to wxWidgets socket peek/read improve socket reliability for longer server comminiques.
Fixed crash when clicking on the padlock icon in a conference window.
Fixed rare bug that might cause you to be alerted to update when there is no update available.
Linux: Scrollbars on whiteboard update as needed while drawing using the freehand tool.
Mac/Linux: Detect local IP addresses directly from the interfaces rathan than using /etc/hosts.
Mac: Improved handling of Enter/Return and Escape keys to control accepting or dismissing windows.

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