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BixData is a system monitoring tool

License: Free To Use But Restricted
File size: 6821K
Developer: Kobus
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BixData is a system monitoring tool. BixData monitors services (HTTP, ping, POP3, SMTP), performance, and processes. You can create critical notifications and get email alerts for HTTP, ping, CPU, memory, and even SMART diagnostics.

A graphical console for Linux and Windows supports real-time dynamic graphs. The runtime clients and server component are lightweight and easy to set up, and run on Linux and Windows.

Here are some key features of "BixData":
Supports Linux and Windows
Server monitoring, Email Notifications
HTTP, ping, POP3, SMTP
CPU Load
Memory Usage
Disk Performance
SMART Hard Disk Drive Information
Network Statistics
Process Statistics
Windows Performance Counters
Real-Time Graphs
System Information
Configure Startup Services
Low Bandwith Usage

What's New in This Release:
Support for monitoring and managing VMWare and Xen was added.
Monitoring and data collection of VM statistics.
The graphical management console supports up to 200 VMWare or Xen hosts and up to 1000 guests.
A new feature to generate HTML reports and to schedule reports was included.
New Smart Tags automatically label machines based on OS, VM type, or any custom identifier.
BixDesktop offers more space and font customization.
Fixes were made for Mac OS X, Linux, and Windows.

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