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Bonddb is a object oriented wrapper for postgresql SQL

License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
File size: 635K
Developer: Andru Hill
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Bonddb is a object oriented wrapper for postgresql SQL. bonddb project is a fast data abstraction layer written in C for C/C++ applications to allow easy access to class objects.

Bonddb is not a stand alone object orientated database, but works on top of SQL so you still get a solid proven backend with the benefits of things like prescient objects.

At the moment only postgresql is supported, though we are working with gnome-db to support a more complete range of databases.

One of the real advantages of bonddb is how easy it is to modify rows in database fields without you having to construct sql statements or worry about refreshing existing datasets. It also lets you easy map your tables together in object to object relationships.

Method calls aren't supported yet but they are on the way. Direct binding into individual langauges is still been worked on.

Installation and Requierments:

In order to install bonddb you need the postgresql client development libraries installed, specifically libpq-fe.

Postgresql 7.0 or higher is required, as bonddb uses functions specific to this version. Also glib development libaries 1.2 or higher is needed.

For bonddb 0.3.0 and higher you will need bison, I've come across some problems under older versions of bison and I recommend you have version 1.3 or higher installed.

What's New in This Release:
This release adds initial MySQL support, jumpto support for an alternative form of searching, replication support, and an undo feature for saves.

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