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PRepS is a tool for reporting and tracking problems or tasks

License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
File size: 977K
Developer: Ken Sodemann
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PRepS is a tool for reporting and tracking problems or tasks. PRepS project is designed for tracking problems with software, but can also be used for tracking other types of problems or tasks. Be creative.

I started working on PRepS after determining that Gnats was overkill for what I needed to do, and that Gnats did not have the worlds greatest user interface. PRepS borrows some ideas from Gnats, and some ideas from other problem reporting systems that I have used. What I am aiming for with PRepS is a system that has enough features to make it useful, yet is not so complicated that it is cumbersome to use.

Please note that PRepS uses the PostgreSQL database server. If you are familiar with PostgreSQL, and with basic DBA tasks, then you should have no problem setting up and using PRepS.

In order to compile PRepS v1.8.x (stable series), you need:

PostgreSQL v7.x with libpq
GTK v1.2.x
The Gnome libraries

In order to complie PRepS v1.9.x (development series), you need:

PostgreSQL v7.3 with libpq (may work with earler versions, but not tested)
GTK v2.x
The Gnome 2.x libraries

What's New in This Release:
Various updates to the database schema.
The main problem report window has been completely redesigned.

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