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Boson is an OpenGL real-time strategy game

License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
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Developer: The Boson Team
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Boson is an OpenGL real-time strategy game. Boson is designed to run on Unix (Linux) computers, and is built on top of the KDE, Qt and kdegames libraries.

Minimum hardware requirements:

Note: If you have an older graphics card like a TNT2 you will need a fast CPU.
500 MHz ix86 Processor (don't know anything about other machines). AMD 64 is also known to work
256 MB RAM
3D accelerator card (this is the most important part!!)
Optional: Sound card

Minimum software requirements:

XFree 4.x server (with OpenGL support)
OpenGL 1.2 - The OpenGL library (should be included in your XFree Server or graphics card driver)
Qt 3.1 or better
kdelibs 3.1 or better (3.0 is untested)
Python 2.0 or better (2.3 is recommended)
libvorbis (for sound and music)
lib3ds (Units and building rendering)
OpenAL (audio library)
WML and Perl

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