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Botnet is a communication library for the IRC protocol

License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
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Developer: Ze KiLleR
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Botnet is a communication library for the IRC protocol. The library can be build by many ways. If you wish to use the lib to build clients only (bots for example), run the configure with no options. But if you wish to use the lib for building servers, don't forget the --enable-server option when running the configure script (see NOTE at the end of this readme file).

Lib :
(become root ONLY if you wish to install the lib, you can run the example without root privileges)
make install
(do not forget to make a ldconfig if you wish to install the lib. Check your /etc/ for the line /usr/local/lib)

Examples :
The examples are build during the make phase (but not installed). To test the client, just execute
example/bot, and to test the server (if you configured with the --enable-server) example/serv.

make uninstall

For some unknown reason, some bugs with pthread may appear if you do some fork in
your application, and then calling a dcc fonction that creates a new thread
(pthread_create never returns). So if you want to avoid this, please link the
pthread lib in your makefile BEFORE linking with the botnet library.

What's New in This Release:
Fixed a bug in SJOIN command (in bahamut server mode, there can be up to 7 parameters)

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