IRC BotNET 1.0 review

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IRCBotNET is a Botnet

License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
File size: 26K
Developer: Boaz Barak
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IRCBotNET is a Botnet. It is a network of IRC bots that communicate with one another. They share a means of communication whereby all bots speak to one another and exchange information. They are useful for keeping and maintaining a channel by acting as a group of channel bots that work together with a common goal.

Say, for instance, you have one IRC bot keeping a channel and a netsplit occurs or the bot dies for some reason. Immediately the channel becomes chaotic and anarchic without an IRC bot keeping the peace. With a Botnet, even if an IRC bot dies, here still remains the rest of the bots on the Botnet to continue maintaining the channel and the loss of the one bot means nothing as the other bots do its exact same job.

BotNET is an extremely powerful IRC BOT and has many features.
BotNET doesn't necessarily have to run as a Botnet, it can run as a normal IRC bot and in fact does this by default. It has a massive collection of functions that can be seen in the BotNET man pages. When run as a Botnet, BotNET has supreme capabilities that have never been attempted before in Botnets. When a BotNET bot is run in Botnet mode, it connects to a BotNET Communication Stream Server (botserv) that is included in this package.

It uses this server to communicate with the other bots on the Botnet. The difference here is that not only can it do whatever any other Botnet can do, but it also uses this stream of communication with it's added IRC Stand-alone bot functionality. For instance, if you add a user to the bot, immediately, all other bots connected to the database add this user to their local databases and a global-wide Botnet database is maintained. So you can use any one of the bots on the Botnets for anything that you so desire. This powerful feature makes BotNET very predominant over other Botnets.

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