BullDog Firewall 7 review

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BullDog is a powerful but lightweight firewall for heavy use systems

License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
File size: 0K
Developer: Robert Aloysius
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BullDog is a powerful but lightweight firewall for heavy use systems. With many features, this firewall can be used by anyone who wants to protect his/her systems. This system allow dynamic and static rules sets for maximum protection and has several advance features.

This firewall will work for the hobbyist or a military base. Generation 7 is a complete rewrite of its predecesors and is redesigned from scratch and still evolving.

Be prepared to spend some time setting this up. If you are looking for a "quick fix", then you are on the wrong site. BullDog is NOT a quick fix, but rather one step in a complete security policy.

Its is covered by the GPL and is FREE and always will be. I encourage and welcome anyone who wants to port and/or provide ideas/code to better this software.

I would like to see this software developed into a new breed of firewall that provides the best of security with ease of use.

This software was developed on Linux v2.2.16-17 and v2.4 with 64 megs to 1 Gig of RAM and supports iptables via the ip_queue kernel module. Bulldog will NOT run on Windows systems.

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