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InJoy Firewall is a flexible firewall security solution for businesses of any size

License: Freeware
File size: 2830K
Developer: fxcomm
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InJoy Firewall is a flexible firewall security solution for businesses of any size. It offers preconfigured policy templates, including full customization options, IPSec VPN integration, gateway capabilities, intuitive management, access control, many documented deployment examples, and comprehensive documentation.

Without question, the Linux Operating System provides a proven and cost-effective platform, as well as a wealth of high-quality open source software. For business use, however, it often proves difficult to find supported linux firewall solutions that provide the required level of confidence, reliability and trust. With the InJoy Firewall™, businesses can benefit from Linux without having to give up the safety of a responsible vendor and a traditional business relationship.

Security as never before — the InJoy Firewall™ for Linux provides customers with next generation intrusion and anomaly detection. These technologies provides network administrators with the ultimate tools to keep track of network activity and eliminate Internet threats of any type.

As a busy and responsible network administrator, you will find great relief in the InJoy Firewall™. As the only Linux firewall, it is designed from the ground up to be self-contained, thus ensuring optimal performance and minimum impact from third-party problems. This means you don't have to worry about dependencies with Linux connectivity software, software libraries or kernel compilation.

Manage your remote Linux-based Firewall Server from your Windows-based desktop (or any other supported Operating Systems), using the intuitive InJoy firewall™ GUI. Linux users that prefer plain-text configuration can opt for that with the InJoy firewall™ as well.

The InJoy firewall™ works the same under all the supported operating systems, meaning you can deploy a complete and unified protection strategy throughout the business and effortlessly set up fully capable VPNs without having to worry about interoperability issues.

The InJoy firewall™ installs in minutes and can be prepared for distributed, company-wide deployment, using the same simple installation scripts everywhere.

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