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Bundle::Kwiki is a subset of modules that are good plugins of Kwiki. SYNOPSIS A bundle does not have code in it

License: Perl Artistic License
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Developer: Gabor Szabo
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Bundle::Kwiki is a subset of modules that are good plugins of Kwiki.


A bundle does not have code in it. It is only a list of related modules. It exists only to make it easier to install these modules with one command:

perl -MCPAN -e 'install Bundle::Kwiki'


perl -MCPANPLUS -e 'install Bundle::Kwiki'

for those who want to contribute testreports to the developers.

This bundle installs a subset of the modules you can use along with Kwiki If you'd like to get other modules added to this bundle contact Gabor Szabo.

Kwiki - The Kwiki Wiki Building Framework, further details at http://www.kwiki.org/
Kwiki::RecentChanges - List pages that were recently changed (how long ago can be configured)
Kwiki::UserName - Enable user to set their name in the preferences so changes will show they did it
Kwiki::UserPreferences - Enable the setting of various User Preferences
Kwiki::Archive::Rcs - Version control using RCS
Kwiki::Comments - Kwiki::Comments is a Kwiki plugin that allow anyone to leave comments to a Page, just like Slash comments or MT comments.
Kwiki::NewPage - Adds a naviagion link/button to create a new page without first adding a link to that page.
Kwiki::Favorites - Users will be allowed to select pages as their Favorites. Links to those pages are available through a link from the navigation bar.
Kwiki::Revisions - Assuming you have one of the Archive plugins enabled this plugin let's users see prvious versions of a page. (for diffs see Kwiki::Diff)
Kwiki::Search - Enables a plain text search button for searching the content of the pages
Kwiki::RecentChangesRSS - Kwiki RSS Plugin
Kwiki::Icons::Gnome - This is a Kwiki icons package that includes icons from Gnome. Specifically, they were copied from the gnome-icon-theme Debian package.
Kwiki::Diff - Display differences between the current wiki page and older revisions. Need one of the Archive plugins and the Kwiki::Revisions plugin
Kwiki::Autoformat - Autoformat preformatted text using Text::Autoformat
Kwiki::Email - Enables one to set an e-mail address in the preferences


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