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BW Acct is a bandwidth accounting and reporting application

License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
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Developer: Brian Rhodes
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BW Acct is a bandwidth accounting and reporting application. It is implemented as a C daemon which manages accounting rules in an iptables/netfilter firewall on the Linux 2.4 kernel.

Support for multiple RDBMS is included, and a plugin architecture is provided for extending BW Acct to support other databases. BW Acct can provide accurate accounting of just about any firewall rule.

BW Acct runs in the background and monitors a database for updates. Based on these updates it manages the firewall rules. Rules are inserted before any other rules in the standard netfilter chains. This allows accounting data to be processed before any other rules take effect. For example, this allows you to account all ICMP traffic received by the system, even if a later rule drops some of this traffic.

Extract the bwacct tarball
read the README in the source directory

After building bwacct, you'll want to build either the sqlite or mysql database plugin. Either make sqlite or make mysql

Quick setup. (for sqlite)

mkdir /bwacct
mkdir /bwacct/db

chmod 770 /bwacct/db
chgrp nobody /bwacct/db

cp accounting.db /bwacct/db
chmod 660 /bwacct/db/accounting.db
chgrp nobody /bwacct/db/accounting.db

cp bwacct match_*.so target_*.so bwacct.conf sql_*.so /bwacct
chmod 755 /bwacct/bwacct

Edit /bwacct/bwacct.conf. To start you only need to modify the path for accounting.db. "db/accounting.db"

cd /bwacct
./bwacct -f bwacct.conf

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