C-Arbre 0.6PR7 review

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C-Arbre is a standalone web application built with some popular free software components. It allows you to manage documents and to

License: (FDL) GNU Free Documentation License
File size: 19929K
Developer: Fabrice Philibert-Caillat
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C-Arbre is a standalone web application built with some popular free software components.

It allows you to manage documents and to build a full scope Information System. C-Arbre can also be used as a Web Operating System.

Here are some key features of "C dash Arbre":
Categorized contents
Documents Manager and repository
Categories and directories browsing
Search engine
Different types of contents answer to different needs
Resources (articles, links, …)
Files / documents
Templatized Documentary files
Docbook articles
Wiki articles written collaboratively
Contents Management System for building pages
Design the structure of your page and add functionalities with skeletons
Weblogs (BLogs)
RSS Aggregators
Dynamic and hierarchized menu of pages
Design the sections of your page and populate them with static or dynamic contents
Dynamic menu of sections
Workgroup tools
Mailing Lists system
Users pages
Statistics and logging
Web statistics
Contents statistics
Logging of actions

What's New in This Release:
providing efficient redirections after an action has been performed, [OK]
securing upload of files and pictures [OK]
fixing the naming convention for pictures uploaded by users, [OK]
making thumbs and handling pictures uploads depending on their type (png or jpg are allowed) [OK]
preventing some open basedir restrictions in php.ini of breaking uploads and handling of files [OK]
fixing/enhancing the cache system for long lasting pages (webportal, categories browser, pages added through the CMS Interface, ...) [80%] and ensuring that some pages will not be cached (after an action is performed) [90%]
enhancing the CMS Interface for novice users (basically, explanations are added to add forms), [OK]
enhancing automatic retrieval of information (specially in the case of failure), [50%]
cleaning/better handling sessions stored in the database, [OK]
enhancing display and adding notification for a note's/for a new article's comments, [90%]
building and caching hierarchized dynamic menus of pages for website navigation (now fully hierarchized and available on the webportal and on the default skeletons), [OK]
better handling filtering of newsfeeds (some were broken like documentary files) [OK]
enhancing the login/logout procedure with URL parameters (using the parse_url() function) (the page that was requested prior to authentification must be served as requested) [50%]
providing all meta information and statically built pages needed for a clean, efficient indexing by search engines (Google in mind, of course ;)) [OK]
handling all meta information required for building Dublin Core datasets (at least for resources/documentary files) [50%]
handling display of sdocbook documents that are produced in Open Office without requiring heavy modifications by users [50%]
adding more templates for a better code & contents separation, [70%]
more than 127 bugs have been fixed since release 0.532-10!

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