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rest2web is a tool for autogenerating wesites, or parts of websites

License: BSD License
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Developer: Michael Foord
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rest2web is a tool for autogenerating wesites, or parts of websites. The content can be stored as HTML, or in reST format; in which case the HTML will be generated using docutils. rest2web will insert the contents into templates, and automatically create index pages and navigation links.

This means that adding new pages is as easy as dropping a text file into the right folder. rest2web will handle building the new page and adding a link to it in the index.

Removing a page is as easy as deleting a single file, and have rest2web automatically rebuild the indexes. rest2web has standard functions to build a sidebar, with links to the other pages in the directory, or to the other sections in the website.

rest2web has another advantage, a website can be easily restyled by only changing template files. It is likely that only a few template files will be needed for most websites.

By using templates and uservalues you can conveniently use rest2web to create several versions of a website in different languages.

Simply create the framework once with your uservalues as place markers - then create your files with different translations. rest2web will build the website and can handle linking hte sites together.

What's New in This Release:
A major update since version 0.4.0, this release also includes several bugfixes and interesting new features since 0.5.0 Beta 1.

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